What participants have to say about the TravellingLens experience


Travelling Lens has opened up the budding photographer inside me.
This trip has made me more worldly and wise.
The journey depicted the amazing culture and landscape of Ladakh.
I am sure I will travel with Travelling Lens again and return to this beautiful place.

Eshaan Ghaate, Ladakh 2011


Thanks Varun for taking us to the last frontier.
Nothing I had heard or read had prepared me for the breathtaking beauty we lived amidst these 14 days.
Yannick, thanks for entertaining us and teaching us. Rahul, thanks for being so patient, so accessible. Naresh, thanks for taking such good care of logistics.

Ranjani Yashod, Ladakh 2011


The entire workshop included amateurs to experienced photographers in all age groups. In a day or two, the ice broke and we became one large family.
Varun, Naresh, Yannick and Rahul made sure we were extended the best in terms of hospitality and knowledge sharing.
I enjoyed every second of the trip and nobody could of showed us Ladakh – ‘the land of passes’ better. Thanks to you, Travelling Lens. I wish to remain a part of you always.

Roopa Rekha Kathirvelu, Ladakh 2011


This was a great trip, I learnt a lot, and I feel Varun and Rahul have done a great job along with Yannick and Naresh.
The balance between learning and fun was just right! I know for a fact that I can make good pictures now.
Opting for this trip was definitely one of the best decisions I’ve taken.

Srikanth Srinivasan, Ladakh 2011


Stunning landscapes, the warm and friendly Ladakhis, fellow workshop participants with shared interests in photography and the great outdoors.
Everyday of the two week trip brought new experiences that were exhilarating and of learning value to improve my photography skills.
It was a well managed trip. Thank you Varun, Rahul and Naresh.
Most of all Yannick Cormier’s passion for his work was perhaps the biggest lesson for me. I had the time of my life, will be back for more!

Nikhil Joseph, Ladakh 2011


If an amateur photographer wants to improve his technique, composition or just learn how to engage with his subject, be it landscape or portraiture, Travelling Lens is the place to be.
To me personally I have learnt a lot about how to interpret your subject of interest which was particular for me from Yannick Cormier. His review sessions are something which every participant benefitted from.
I would also like to thank Naresh for helping out with all the traveling, which was so efficiently managed. Varun and Rahul are people without which the trip would not have been enjoyable.

Anand Vasudevan, Ladakh 2011


I really liked the idea of holding a photography workshop in the outdoors, especially a place like Ladakh.

Nimish Yadav, Ladakh 2011


“Travelling Lens brings truly fresh and uncompromising adventure vacations to all
city slickers. After much convincing from a friend, I mustered the courage
to go to Leh and Ladakh, albeit on a luxury adventure. From the moment we all met
at the bus stop in Delhi right through to the departure at the end of our
trip from the Leh airport, 12 days later, the entire series of events is something that
I will cherish forever.
Naresh and Varun hand-held where hand-holding was needed, let people do their own
thing when they wanted to and basically used their vast experience to allow everyone to
be free while being mindful a of all the pre-cautions for the group.
The night walk in Manali, the baby trek in Leh, all the scenic drives, the sight of the
tented camp at Sarchu, crossing a stream of melting glacial ice at 10,000 feet (barefoot),
climbing mountains intermittently, eating the sweetest fresh apricots right off the tree in
Hundar (three villages away from the LOC), the dip in Pangong Lake (yes, I went into the
freezing cold lake), the momo’s at Monalisa (a cute restaurant with delicious tibetan food),
the thukpa at Tibetan Kitchen were some of the highs for me..
Oh yeah and the innumerable cups of lemon tea…
I can’t wait to go on my next adventure with you guys. “

Nikhil Gonsalves, Ladakh 2010


“Being a workshop+tour crafted by photographers for photographers, the Traveling lens
experience is one that promises three things- great photos, great fun and a great
adventure. The organizers work so you don’t have to- everything was taken care of so
perfectly for the bunch of us out there in the middle of the himalayas- only our cameras
got in the way! The teachers are you mentors and your friends- a little technique in the
morning, a drink and a pat on the back in the evening! Overall, a beautiful trip, some
great friends, incredible pictures and a hell of an adventure!”

Rohit Krishnan Sabu, Ladakh 2010


The attraction to me was the unique combination of a photography workshop alongwith the travel.
This ensured a like minded group, greatly enhancing the overall experience. The organisers
themselves are young, enthusiastic and very well versed with the Leh Ladakh region. The actual
arrangements were very good and hassle free. Would definitely like to join another group if I
get the opportunity.

Saurabh Sonthalia, Ladakh 2010


Sincerely request all you folks NOT to travel with Travelling lens….
but personally I would like to travel with Varun and team again and again,
its a lot of fun and you learn photography to….so want that they have competition….else
there is a risk that they get complacent….so you folks please go with others…and I continue to
have great adventures with TravellingLens…..thanks for your understanding and cooperation.

Anish Modi, Ladakh 2010


3 advantages of traveling with TravelingLens:
1. varun gupta and naresh know how to show you places and a good time
2. varun gupta has an iPhone app for everything. from tracking the moon
to guessing what you might be thinking.
3. and its always cool to come back and tell your friends that you went on
a photography trip. girls dig it. guys respect it. everyone wins.

Madhavan Palanisamy, Ladakh 2010