Pro Zone-Varun Gupta


In Search of Solitude

Varun Gupta

Through my camera, i search for solitude as i wander through the grandeur of both creation and civilization. turning away from the noise of conflicting reality, the eye seeks salvation in a myriad places. the camera, unfaltering in its ability to create a timeless infinity of selective truth, is an ideal looking glass. unaffected by geographic location, boundaries, societal norms and structure, it etches in the language of light and shade, the truth of space. the ‘frame’ lends voice to the inner psyche and composes its reflection in the physical realm. this body of images is an attempted dialogue between my urban self and the person i become when engulfed by nature. the images were captured on traditional 120mm and 35mm cameras on black and white film and have been printied digitaly on archival papers with archival inks.